Thursday, November 6, 2014


I can not describe my feelings now that I have finished my project. These months for me in Mozambique were months of selfgrowth. I learned and saw so much..everything from the beginning of life until the end of it.

I had two working placements. The first one was at kindegarden called Muodjo were I was working with another volunteer Triinu. We were teaching children a little bit english but the children were so small so mostly we did all kinds of art projects with them. They liked to dance and sing and they were so full of life.

Another placement was in a organisation called Zizile. When at Muodjo the children seemed to have more..then at Zizile children did not have anything.My working placement was in a very rural area. They did not have any clothes and they did not know what was a simple thing like hand washing. They were eating and sleeping on the floor.All the toys they had were locked up so they used empty fanta bottles as toys. At Zizile I made so much and I can truly say that I made many changes in there that I hope stayd even then when I had to leave.

I am going to miss all my children and all my local friends. Most of my local friends say that I am a true Mozambiquan now ,because I know how to make perfect moz food and I have taken apart almost from all of the traditional events. I have been to a Mozambique wedding , funeral,bapitism, so many birthdays and other events.

I found what I was looking for and even more - I have a second home now.

I am going to let the pictures do the speaking...

On the way to work (Zizile)
Making dolls at Muodjo from capulanas

Eating breakfast at Zizile.
On the picture they are having one piece of plain bread and water with milk powder.

This little boy was all the time ignored because he was crying all the time and people did not like it. One day he had found a balloon from the trash but unfortunately it broke. He was heartbroken.Of course he started to cry but no one did anything because they were used to it.He started to panic cry and he could not breath so I told him that I make him another balloon and much-much bigger one.I took one empty plastic and filled it with air so it would look more "balloonish".This was the day when this boy started to call me mom. He was walking all week to everywhere with that plastic bag until one day it was thrown away
My princess Milka. She loves clapping games and much rather she would play with boys than girls. She thinks that girls are the ones that have cooties not boys. Milka is the girl who everybody give their leftovers because she is always hungry but still one of the smallest ones.
At baptism. There is never too many cakes..This little girl had 4!

First time I made local food all by myself :)

I had so many hairdressers both at Muodjo and at Zizile. Everybody promised to make all my hair full of rastas,but this one is the only one who actually managed to make one permanent one that I had to cut off..she has a great future has a hairdresser when she grows up.

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